Goings On

As much as this blog would indicated due to the lack of posts lately, I actually haven’t been slacking (too much) in the blinky flashy world. I’m still waiting on the Ren2DMX boards and the pixel boards, so that will be some stuff to assemble once it arrives. In the mean time, I did some more tests on the LEDs that I will be using in the pixels. I tried using 6 of each color this time to give a better representation of what they would look like in the pixels. So far they seem like they will be bright enough so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I ran the LEDs for several hours because In talking with Tim Y. at LUO, some have the potential to work at first and then fail. Not looking forward to debugging and desoldering LEDs, I wanted to get some run time on them first. I tried the LEDs in the containers I’m hoping to use for the show, they look OK, but the arrangement of the LEDs on the breadboard isn’t the same as the pixel, so there were hot spots of the different colors. I’ll wait until I get a pixel assembled before posting pics.

The 300′ of 12/3 Cable I ordered off eBay came this week. It arrived in great shape, but to be certain that I got 300′ I ran it across the warehouse floor to measure it. This caused it to get all dirty, oh well. It’ll get clean again once it’s outside in the rain. Seems like good cable. I’m slightly worried that it isn’t SO, but rather, general purpose, but I knew that when I bought it, and it is only going to be outside for 2 months, so hopefully it’ll be ok. I was able to fit all 300′ on an old hose reel which will be nice for storing the cords once I make them.

I also started work on my temporary sub-panel. I’ve got the breaker panel and all of the receptacle boxes mounted. I want to get the SSRs mounted before I begin wiring, but I can’t really do that while my daughter is sleeping so it severely limits my opportunities for mounting them. I also got the input cord attached and ready to go. The 6/4 SOOW cable is NICE cable, but it should be at $3 a foot. Good thing I didn’t need 300′ of that!

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