I’m still hoping to get a plugin written to control my BetaBrite sign from within vixen. I’m still not convinced I’ll have time to do it, but one can always hope. As a backup plan, I found a command line program from Industrologic, Inc., betacom.exe, that will send commands to the sign from the command line. I figure wost case, I can use Vixen’s launcher plugin and control the sign that way. Anyhow, I took a break from pixel building tonight and was poking some more into the internals of Vixen. A tool that someone recommended to me over at DIYC is .NET Reflector from Red Gate Software. It basically decompiles the program and lets me see all of the hooks and internal structures. This software will be quite invaluable to me should I find the time to work on my plugin.

I’ve currently got 3 out of 30 pixels built. I’ve got a set of LEDs in the breadboard testing tonight, so I should be ready to do for a 4th tomorrow. I’ve been running the LEDs for at least a few hours before installing them with the hope being that I’ll find a bad one before I solder it in and have to get it back out. I’m sure if I pushed I could get 2 built in a night, but usually once I get one done, I want to put it in the string and see it light up with the others.

I think I’ve almost got my layout finalized for this year. Still have to decide how the icicle lights will be split up and the exact location of the pixels, but then I should be ready to start sequencing. Somehow, I’m not really looking forward to that.

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