Tear Down at 95%

Well I went out and braved the 17F temperatures this morning. I know, to those of you in MN with -17F, that isn’t cold, but it was still cold. I got most of the display down. I didn’t venture on the roof to get the upper roof portions as there is still snow there and I wasn’t all about ending up in the hospital after a fall from the roof. I also didn’t completely get the wrapped trees unwrapped. After about 8 strings, I gave up and decided to wait for a warmer day. There’s still about three strings left in the one tree, but I just couldn’t take any more unwrapping. We had already talked about not wrapping them next year, and today firmly concreted that decision in my mind.

Currently everything is sitting in the basement warming up and drying out. There’s also a large pile of extension cords on the porch and in the garage that will need warmed up and put away, but at least they are out of the yard. Once everything drys off I can go through my yearly ritual of checking all the bulbs, fixing bad ones, and putting them away nicely. Then I can finally get onto development of next year’s show.

My wife gave me one more project for 2010 tonight. She want’s the star topper on the indoor tree to be RGB LEDs that change colors, so I am hoping to come up with a small micro-controller based project that can do this and all fit into the star.

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