Maybe I’d be better off color blind

I can’t decide what color LEDs I’m going to put into my LedTriks panels. I’ve probably got about a month to decide, as they won’t be arriving until the middle of march, but I’d like to get the order in so they can come from Hong Kong and be here before the PCBs arrive. I keep going back and forth… Do I do the standard Red? Do I use Blue? I like Blue, but how readable will it be? Do I go outside the box and use Orange, Yellow, White or Green. Pink is kind of nice too… but awfully bright. I like the purple, but don’t have a good source for purple LEDs. What I need is a side by side comparison of the various colors, and I have yet to find such comparison. Oh well, I’ll keep thinking about it.

In other news I found the perfect enclosure for the pixels I’m hoping to put on the mega-tree star Gregg Jones is making for me. He’s going to bring it to Light Up Ohio, so I don’t have to worry about shipping it, but that means I won’t get it until the middle of May. The 2 Cup Ziplock Twist and Seal containers will work perfectly. I tried spraying the inside of one with frosting spray, but it didn’t diffuse the light enough. Look like I’ll be using white. It diffuses it pretty well. There’s still some hot spots, but I’ll probably be the only one that notices. The LedTriks and Triks-C PCBs have arrived from Australia. Once I get a few more things finalized, I can place a Mouser order and get cracking on some of this stuff. Lots to do and only 8 or so more months to do it in!!!

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