Me and my impulses

This evening (well at this point, last evening), RJ at DLA posted some comments about the new features that LOR is adding and the fact this his stuff has had those features for a long time now. I started looking into those features, namely 1024 steps of dimming, and never really understood how it would make a difference when DMX only supports 256 steps. I read the blog post that he included with the article and it made some sense. After thinking about the other features more, like built in snubber resistors, which after my first year of running a lot of LEDs would have been handy, I started calculating out what I would need to get out of selling my old equipment to replace it with LEs, and I think it’s completely doable. So, without regard to my personal safety I jumped in whole hog and upped my LE order from 1 to a whopping 12! So, assuming I can get out of my old equipment what I think it’s worth, I should be able to replace it all and gain 32 more channels and hopefully break even. Only thing I’d be out of would be a couple of enclosures (good thing I have a few lying around ;)) and my time in assembling and testing the existing stuff. Really though, that is my favorite part of the hobby, so I don’t think having to put together 12 new controllers will really bother me that much. So now I’ve got 4 Ren24’s with DMX adaptor boards, all in their enclosures with output cords and 1 Grinch + RPM’s V1 Grinch Dimmer and 16 SSRs to try and get rid of. I’m going to hang on to one grinch and RPM’s V2 Grinch dimmer, because that format fits the roof line icicles best.

I feel a little sick to my stomach right now, but I think it will all work out!

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