Been a lot of gremlins spooking the show this year. I started out with wireless DMX with the hope that maybe I could include my neighbor’s lights once he got them up this year, but the wireless hasn’t performed liked I wanted. Part of the problem was old firmware, and once updated some of the problems went away, but the main problem, the apparent freezing of the transmitter hasn’t been resolved. I have since gone wired, and that in itself has caused some new problems. Doesn’t make sense, but some controllers refuse to respond at power up unless reset using the reset switch. A power cycle doesn’t clear the problem.

The Ledtriks LED sign has caused its own set of problems left over from last year. The bottom set of boards refuses to stay on or cooperate in any manner that would allow me to debug the problem. I’ve tried many things that I didn’t get around to next year, but so far no go. So, probably for the rest of the year, we’ll just be using the top set of boards.

Most of these problems I just don’t understand because no one else is having these problems. I guess I’ll just keep debugging.

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