Light Show Hiatus

In the past few weeks we have decided to take an opportunity that we had to move to a different house. Unfortunately, what comes with this move is a location that is not suitable for putting on a light show. We will now be on a busy road with nowhere for anyone to pull off to safely watch the light show. It is with great regret that we must announce that for the immediate future (next several years), Christmas in Brewster will be no more. This comes at a bitter sweet time. While we have been getting a bit more and more worn out from doing the light show, this past year was one of our best, and we were excited for what 2014 was going to bring. Knowing now that there will be no 2014 show and probably no shows for the next several years will allow us to focus on other projects that have been put to the side due to the amount of work that goes into the show.

From our family to yours, thank you for coming to visit the light show and for all the great comments. Without people to watch the show, there wouldn’t be much reason to do it. We hope to see you all sometime in the future.

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    Ricky Kirkland Says:

    Hello !! Sorry to hear that you are discontinuing your light show. I am starting to get interested in moving gradually towards Pixels from Incans.
    I had over 28000 lights last year and they were all incans. Are you going to keep your equipment for future use or are you interested in selling any of it. I might be interested in some if you are.
    Thanks, God Bless

    Ricky Kirkland
    Dothan, Alabama

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