I Wish I Knew How To Quit You

Well, as is obvious from previous posts and the header at the top of this site, we are currently living at a house that is not conductive to having a light show. It simply comes down to the fact that there is no where on our busy road for people to safely stop and watch the show and quite frankly I don’t want people pulling in our driveway to sit and watch and all the possible headaches that could come with that.

At the time that we decided to move I was OK with the idea of not having a light show. It took a lot of time, money, and effort to put on every year and I was beginning to get tired of it. Once we moved I sold a majority of my controllers and other easy to ship items. Once Christmas 2014 came though, and I started seeing everyone’s displays and visiting the Christmas light forums I started having regrets about selling my hardware, and I missed the challenge involved in the hobby.

Since Christmas I have once again taken up reading the various forums where I visit and have decided to add a few elements to the house. I still am not going to have a show, but I figure I can scratch my itch to build and play with the hardware and in doing so add a bit to the house. 2014 I just put up 1 string of icicle lights, the blow molds, some multicolored LEDs on the hedges and several of my mega tree strands in a tree in the front of the house. I used one of the 2 Lynx Expresses I kept to run it all and to color shift the mega tree strands over a 10 minute period. It was again scheduled with the Falcon Pi Player.

After Christmas I started thinking about what I could do with what I had left and it dawned on me that I could take the 6 fire sticks and turn them into arches pretty easily, and add a channel to the 4 existing arches (don’t know why I didn’t think of that sooner) to give me 10 arches that I could stretch out somewhere in front of the house and do some basic leaping or something that looks good but doesn’t get people to stop. Since I don’t have the controllers anymore, I ordered a RenZilla and some dirkcheap SSRs to cheaply give me 96 channels of control. I also got in on a 10W RGB driver board group buy to be able to color wash the house, so those two projects should be something to keep me entertained.

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