Frequently Asked Questions

How do you take over the radio station?
How do you know when the radio station is going to play your songs?
How do you know what songs the radio station is going to play?

We are the radio station. We don’t high jack an existing radio station or pay to work with a radio station to synchronize our lights to them. Using a small FM transmitter we broadcast the songs that have been sequenced to the lights to your car on an unused FM frequency, currently 102.7FM, which during then day when our transmitter is off, you’ll notice doesn’t pick up anything in our area.

EDM LCD Transmitter Powered and Transmitting
EDM LCD Transmitter Powered and Transmitting

Is it legal to broadcast on FM stations?

Part 15 of the FCC regulations specify that anyone can broadcast on an unused FM frequency for a small amount of distance from the transmitter. You might notice that while the station comes in great in front of the house, it quickly fades out as you drive off.

How long does it take you to setup?

We begin setting up the first weekend in November and work on it every weekend until the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Isn’t your electric bill crazy?

While we do see an increase in our electric bill for the time that the lights are up, it generally isn’t as much as people might think. For the most parts, not all the lights are on at one time so we really aren’t using that much electricity at any one time. If every single light were to be turned on and left on, the display would draw about 70 amps at 110v or 35amps at 220v which is less than what an average electric stove draws. Since not everything is on at once, we are probably only drawing somewhere around 10 to 15 amps at any given time while the display is running. This would compare to a small space heater.