2009 Display

2009 Display
2009 DisplayDec 1, 2009Photos: 19


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    kEN Says:

    Nice website, looks like you really get into Chistmas display.
    Very impressive! Where is Brewster OH? I’m from Bellevue myself.
    I also have a question that you maybe able to answer. I wonder if you could recommend an fm transmitter for moble use. I just want to use my Ipod in my car/truck with factory fm stereo. I’ve tried the Belkin and Griffin units but returned them to Big box store because of poor audio quality. I see you use the EDM but i am leary of sending money to S.A.
    a little scary as I might not see anything back. Any used units out there? or any other brand you can recommend? If I need a road trip next Xmas I’ll hafta get down to see your display.
    Thanks. Ken

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    cBell Says:

    I had no problems getting my EDM from SA, quick shipping and good communication, but I can understand your reservations. It is probably overkill for what you want anyhow. For starters it’s meant to be powered from a wall transformer, no reason you couldn’t run it from your car, but it would need the appropriate adapter. Secondly, it would transmit quit a bit outside of your car, which isn’t a big deal, except you are paying for transmission power that you don’t need. Unfortunately I don’t have much experience with car transmitters, but I would check Crutchfield. I’ve had good luck with anything I’ve bought from them, and their sales people are very knowledgeable.

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